Great Heights

Marieneau well; Forbach; 2008

Site carried out between July 2007 and June 2008

Client: Charbonnage de France

Headframe concrete tower and annexes
Long: 30.00 ml, Width: 17.00 ml, Height: 55.00ml
5,000 tonnes of concrete to be reprocessed and removed


Buildings preserved and occupied at 12.00m
Presence of a firedamp extraction pipe under the structure
Presence of beams of strong sections (7.00x0.90; 3.2x0.80)

Material and Operating Modes:
- Demolition of the upper part (between 55.00 and 42.00ml): autonomous unit equipped with a concrete clamp suspended under a 500 ton crane.
- Demolition between level 42.00 ml and level 0.00: hydraulic excavator equipped with a 55 ml arm