Great Heights

We are equipped with specific equipment allowing us to intervene in complete safety on deconstruction / demolition operations at a height of more than 50 meters.
The result of our experience, we have developed, in collaboration with HITACHI and a manufacturer of large demolition arms, the "very high" excavator HITACHI 870 ZX. With a total weight in running order of 170 tonnes, it can reach 56 meters vertically and 28 meters horizontally. It offers the possibility of working with different tools ranging from 2 to 15 tonnes.

Our "high rise" demolition yard
- HITACHI 870 ZX 56 meters
- KOCUREK telescopic arm 38 meters
- LIEBHERR 950 arm 28 meters
- LIEBHERR 954 arm 27 meters
- LIEBHERR 954 arm 21 meters
- LIEBHERR 944 ...