Avenir Déconstruction specializes in the deconstruction, asbestos removal and pollution control of industrial buildings and social housing.

  • Our know-how and our high technicality allow us to meet all the new requirements in terms of selective deconstruction and environmental protection in application of the low-nuisance site charter.

    Alfortville construction timelapse

Deconstruction of the EDF thermal power station - AMBES - 2011 - 2012

Demolition of 4 chimneys 140 m high and ancillary structures

The works to be deconstructed are: - 4 chimneys of 147m - 10 fans; ducts and gantries - 3 boilers, Oil racks and associated piping - 4 measurement rooms with metal frames and access stairs - 1 neutralization pit - 1 room "fire pumps" - 4 smoke ducts ...

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